A Letter from the Mountain Plains Region VP

Texas FBLA Advisers,


My name is Ryan James Solis (Senior at El Paso Eastwood High School) and I am honored to serve as this year’s Mountain Plains Region Vice President. I am emailing you all today to begin communication with individual FBLA chapters in our great state. With the support of my home state of Texas and the Texas State Officer Team, I ran my campaign on the principle of expanding FBLA through dedicated leadership. Now that I have been trusted with this office, I will still hold this principle dear to my heart. My vision for FBLA is simple; we must set the new standard of leadership for the next 75 years. FBLA must expand its impact, advance its influence, and increase its membership. I am ready and willing to work tirelessly to achieve this endeavor.


This year presents a crucial opportunity for FBLA. This year’s theme is Elevate Your Future, and after 75 years of service, progress, and education, our membership now observes to see if we are satisfied with our impact, or if we are still seeking progress and expansion. I know that like myself, the advisors of FBLA in Texas believe that the impact of FBLA ought to increase so that students across our great state can have the opportunity to elevate their future. As a Texan, I hope to see Texas FBLA set the new national standard for the next 75 years. A standard of progress, education, and service.


I look forward to working with you all to advance the cause of Texas FBLA and the cause of your local chapter. I am always available for anything you all may need, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am here to serve!


All the Best,

Ryan James Solis, Mountain Plains Region Vice President

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc.

1912 Association Drive │Reston, VA 20191

fblampvp@fbla.org | fbla-pbl.org


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