Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Hurricane Harvey has dumped over 50 inches of water and counting in the Gulf coast region.  Neighbor’s helping neighbors is a true statement in Texas. We have many chapters in that region that will be needing help in the weeks and months to come.

Adopt A Texas School is a great opportunity for us to help our fellow members. Select the provided link below in order to find out who is currently in need. If your school has been effected by these storms please put your school name and point of contact on the form in the red section.   Please select one of the schools in need on the form and type your information in the blue section. Please reach out to the adviser of the effected school to see what their community needs after you sign-up on the form.

We want to make sure that every chapter on the list is adopted, and that everyone who wants to help has the opportunity. Stay strong friends and know that we are one family.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors google form link.

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